søndag 18. januar 2009

Reaksjoner på Daniel James selvmord

Mange fine leserkommentarer under den ene artikkelen om Daniel James død i The Times. Tar med noen her:

To Dan's parents - Nobody can ever understand your pain and anguish.We all know that love for our children stretches and that your love stretched over and beyond the day to day love we have for them so to help Dan with what he wanted for himself. I am so sad for him and for you left behind.God bless

Not enough room to tell you how I feel and give you my support. Your Son is now resting in peace and I sincerely hope that you can live in peace safe in the knowledge that you were there for him when he needed you God Bless

Having been an assistant in hospital of chronically ill elderly in my teens, and having seen what it means to be vegetable, I would choose death over life unworthy living at any moment. I think people should always have the right to terminate their own lives if they see it unworthy living.

What Dr Peter Saunders and the Care Not Killing Alliance fail to comprehend, is that whilst they may believe he needed greater support in accepting his disability, Daniel James did not want this. The sheer arrogance of these people beggars belief. Daniel's parents did the right thing 100%

Sometimes there are circumstances that people cant live with, and years of 'psychological councelling' may not have made any difference. I respect the fact he has the right to make this decision.

Mitt innlegg om Daniel James er her (eller også rett under på denne bloggen)

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